V3 Consulting is focused on applied research and innovative technical development in the area of applications of electromagnetic field in medicine and in industry. Specifically it designs and constructs novel systems for microwave thermotherapy (like e.g. ablations and hyperthermia in cancer treatment, physiotherapy, etc.) and industrial heating and drying of materials.

System Design

We perform design of RF/MW systems thermal therapies and industrial applications, including design and manufacturing of solid-state RF/MW generators and amplifiers, thermometry and SW.

Applicator Design

We performed design, manufacturing and testing of RF/MW applicators of different types.

  • Waveguide applicators
    • radiating structer show homogeneous irradiation of treated area. The applicators operates under cut-off frequency (use evanescent mode) and are easily tunable. Applicators are suitable for RF/MW regional and superficial applications in frequency range from 70 – 2450 MHz.
  • Planar applicators
    • applicators of low profile and weight. Frequency range 434 – 2450 MHz. Suitable for use in MR systems.
  • Coaxial applicators
    • thin coaxial cable-based applicators. Working frequency 2450 GHz. Suitable for intracavitary and intersticial treatment.