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About us

V3 Consulting is focused on applied research and innovative technical development in the area of applications of electromagnetic field in medicine and in industry. Specifically it designs and constructs novel systems for microwave thermotherapy (like e.g. ablations and hyperthermia in cancer treatment, physiotherapy, etc.) and industrial heating and drying of materials.

Furthermore, V3 Consulting deals with related activities such as the measurement of electrical parameters of biological tissues, designing and realization of phantoms of biological tissues, design and construction of applicators not only for radio frequency and microwave therapy and sensors for microwave diagnostics.

V3 Consulting also specializes in the local organization of international scientific conferences. The so far biggist successfuly co-organized conference was PIERS – Progress In the Electromagnetics Research Symposium in 2015 with more than 1500 participants and 2000 scientific contributions.


Our history:

V3 Consulting was founded in 2015 by Jan Vrba, a professor of the Czech Technical University in Prague as a spinoff company. V3 Consulting is a successor to JV-Consulting, the first company founded by Prof. Vrba in 1996.

Professor Vrba is one of the main founders of microwave hyperthermia in the Czech Republic. His first prototype of microwave hyperthermia system originated already in 1981 and was launched at the Institute of Radiation Oncology, Hospital Na Bulovce, in Prague. Professor Vrba specializes in the design of novel microwave hyperthermia applicators. For his contribution to the scientific development of microwave hyperthermia, Professor Vrba was awarded by the prestigious “ESHO Pyrexar Award” in 2015. This prize is awarded by the European Society for Hyperthermia in Oncology (ESHO) once a year to one person only.